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How To Build & Launch a Podcast

"WOWWW!! This course was everything I needed and more! When I decided I wanted to start a podcast I was so overwhelmed and didn't know where to start! This course taught me everything I needed to get my podcast launched and even growing!! This is the ONLY podcast course you will need!! Thank you Marley!!"
- Emily Wang, Sydney Australia

23+ video tutorials

Want to start a podcast but don't know how? Feeling overwhelmed with where to start? Unsure of how to record? Not sure how to promote it? Unsure of how to create beautiful cover art? This course is made for you. 

When I started my podcast I was SO lost, I ended up googling everything and asking my podcaster friends for tips. It took me months to get everything running smoothy but not I am able to share all the tools and methods that actually work to create a highly downloaded podcast! 

These are the exact methods we used to grow our podcast to 15k+ downloads, how we edit, how we designed our podcast + more

Module 1: The Foundations
- How To Name Your Podcast
- How To Come Up With Episode Ideas
- How To Format Your Episodes & When to Post
- How To Niche Your Podcast (& Why it's important!)
- Recommended Equipment List & Tips for Sound Quality
- How to Create Solo episodes and interviews (+ writing show notes)
- How To Organize Your Podcast

Module 2: Your Podcast Design
- Creating your Podcast Moodboard
- Creating Cover Art Cover art (Free and Paid)
- How To Design Instagram Stories To Advertise Your Podcast

Module 3: Recording
- How To Record Audio with Adobe Audition
- How to Record A Podcast Intro
- How To Record a Podcast Outro
- How to Record a Remote Interview

Module 4: Editing an Episode
- Importing Files Into Audition
- How To Make Cuts In Your Audio
- How To Add an Advertisement
- How To Edit Your Audio Levels
- Putting Your Episode All Together
- How To Export Your Audio

Module 5: Uploading Your Podcast + Creating Audiograms
- How To Distribute + Upload Your Episode
- How to Get Your Podcast On iTunes (Very Important)

Module 6: How To Grow Your Podcast
- How To Grow Your Podcast